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Dieting and the BCS bowl

As you read previously (or maybe you didn’t) I gained a total of .6 pounds over the previous past 2 days.  Last night was the BCS bowl game.  Being that I am from Oregon, I of course was going to a bowl game party.  My responsibility…bring the crock-pot full of piping hot nacho cheese sauce to douse the Tostitos in and a couple $5 pizzas.

Nice….500 calorie a day diet with VERY limited food choices, and I bring the cheese sauce.

After seeing the .5 gain yesterday morning, after a .1 gain the day before (both with no apparent cause), I had to ponder the value in having a cheat day. All I had eaten for the day was an orange, and  there were only a few possible outcomes.

1.  Not cheat, get on the scale the next morning and see another gain, leading me to jump off the wagon and say, “Screw it. I have gained 3 days in a row!”

2.  Not cheat, and see a really great loss the next day, leading to being glad I didn’t cheat.

3.  Cheat, knowing I will gain the next day, and just accept I likely set myself back by about 3 days.

I decided I would play it by ear.  It was bad enough I wouldn’t get to drink any beer while there.

In the end, I ate.  I ate 2 slices of cheese pizza and some chips with cheese.   There was a platter of cupcakes that were sprinkled in Oregon green on the buffet.  I decided that I would not touch them, at least until the 4th quarter. I figured if they were all gone by then, it wasn’t meant to be.    The 4th rolled around and passed on to the 2 minute warning and there sat about 5 pretty cupcakes.  I ate one of those, too.

I am sure you can predict what would transpire this morning….. Well.  We were all WRONG.  I lost a half a pound.  How is that!?  How can I stick to the damn diet to a T, gain for two days, then eat garbage and lose!?  How messed up is that??  Despite the good fortune (not to worry, I have prepared myself for a possible delay on consequences and don’t relish the thought of tomorrow morning), I decided to have an apple day today.  I have had coffee, tea, and about 5 apples so far.  I have skipped the Melba as well.

This is complete craziness.  If I wasn’t down 11.9 pounds since the first, I’d be eating chicken and rice bake with my family right now.    As for the football game…

I am proud of the Ducks.  It was a good, close game.  I don’t think there is anything to be ashamed of.   I think Eric Smith should have been ejected, and I think they needed to double up on Fairley, but oh well.   Maybe somebody will pull a Tanya Harding on him, rendering him unable to play in the future.  Cheap shots like that are uncalled for and plain rotten.  Looks like it is a habit of his given what turns up on Google when you type “Auburn Eric Smith”.

So frustrated!!!

I was a good girl all weekend!  I did not cheat, even when I wanted to in such a bad way.   I woke up Saturday UP 0.1, and I was down Sunday by 0.6.  This morning I woke up and I was  UP!  UP! 0.6.  WTF!?!?  I skated some at roller derby practice, but I made sure to drink lots of water.  How in the hell can I be up?  Why am I trying SO stinking hard and depriving myself of things I LOVE?

I am going to a BCS Bowl party tonight (I AM in Oregon), and I get to bring a big vat of  nacho cheese (that I can’t eat).  It better be worth it in the morning! Oh, and I will be sans beer as well.

Day 10 of VLCD and net loss is 11.5.

Day..5 of VLC

I was a tad disappointed after yesterday morning. I was down 0.3 pounds. Granted, I did go to roller derby practice the night before and in preparation for that I had 5 oz of chicken rather an 3.5. I think the exercise caused some water retention.

During the day, I at 478 calories, drank 4 big mugs of green tea, and about 32 oz of water (probably not enough). I was down 1.2 this morning. I am down a total of 8.3 pounds in 5 days.

I have roller derby practice again tonight. Not sure if I will eat more protein or not. I don’t want to have zero energy or get light headed. Maybe I will have my regular protein but add 1/2 an apple.

I am liking the switch in my thyroid medication. A week ago I switched from Synthroid 75 to Amour Thyroid (1.5, 30 mg tablets a day). I am feeling really pretty good!

Weigh-in after day 2 of VLCD of HCG Diet

Just a quick check-in…  I weighed this morning at 193.8.  Yesterday I was 196.8.  So, I am down a total of 6.8 pounds since starting the Very Low Calorie phase of the HCG diet.  The cool thing- I can actually SEE it in my “top roll” (upper belly).   Really, I can SEE the difference.  I don’t recall that being the case the last time I tried this.

Last night for dinner I sliced up a cucumber and added a little salt to it. I had an orange and about 4 oz of steak.  My daughter and husband hand mashed butternut squash (why can’t I have squash?) and steak.   For lunch, Lilly wanted mac-n-cheese.  I had to ask Jon to finish making it. I added the butter, powder, and milk. Once I started mixing I had the horrible urge to shove the entire wooden spoon into my mouth.  LOL

Here’s to another day of fighting the fight.

Day 13….

Well, we had softball practice yesterday.  Jon and I are both sore today. In fact, my legs were tired and sore yesterday!  It has only been a few months since we last played.  We both noticed that we didn’t have as much pep as usual and tired more easily than in years past.  We were wondering if it could have been the hcg or if we really were just THAT out of shape.

I didn’t think softball practice was STRENUOUS exercise, but I guess it was.  I GAINED .9 this morning.  Jon stalled. His weight hasn’t budged in several days. Then again, he has been a melba toast hog and did eat some of Lilly’s food ( though only a bite) the other night.

Tonight I have to go to a coaches’ meeting at a local Mexican restaurant. The head coach is buying, but I am not eating.  I’m going to have a bit of steak, some spinach, and some apple slices before leaving. I’m also going to pack some stevia packets with me so I can have tea.  Lord, give me the strength to resist those damn tortilla chips!

I have had a very difficult time resisting the urge to stay on protocol.  I haven’t cheated, but it is so hard sometimes.  The mother-in-law had Lilly over on Saturday and they made chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter frosting.  Despite my request, she sent 4 of them home.  I promptly put 3 of them in zip lock bags and hid them in the freezer.  I left one out for Lilly as an after dinner treat.  Last night I had to force myself to hurry up and toss Lilly’s left-overs down the drain.  She requested spaghetti for dinner.  Usually, she eats what we do, but I can’t force beef or chicken on her all the time.  Since I hate fish, that is pretty much all we eat.

So, the latest.

Was down 11.9, now down 11.

Jon is down 14 (still).

2/20 and day 11

I am thrilled to report that I am over this stinking cold.  I was couch-ridden for 4 1/2 days, but I kicked it.

We are on day 11 of the “VLCD” (very low calorie diet) phase of the HCG diet.  I am down 10.5 pounds and Jon is down 14.  I think he would be down more if he didn’t enjoy beer every so often :)

I am looking forward to completing round 1 of the VLCD.  We only have 12 more days of that left before we start our first “phase 3″ then “phase 4″.  Those two phases will take us 6 weeks, then we will start round 2.  The very bright side of round 2….. LOAD DAYS!!!   We have already made a list of everything we want to eat!  LOL

I decided to have scrambled eggs for dinner the other night. It is a “caution” food for phase 2.  I was so freakin’ giddy.  I was grinning and clapping over the skillet while I cooked it.  Who would have thought???

HCG update and family drama!

Lost another 2 pounds last night…that is 6.5 pounds in 3 days.   I am still sick..this cold  needs to go away.  Finding things I can take for the cough is difficult because all syrups have sugar in them.  I finally gave up and took some Nyquil last night.  I’m learning how I to combine allowed foods to make things that resemble meals.  I made a chili type dish the other night using ground turkey, stewed tomatoes, and lots of seasoning.  It was pretty good.  It was filling too.

Family Drama…if it involves my family, there is always drama.  How I would LOVE to move far, far away so I don’t have to be involved.  People can’t seem to handle things like grown ups (or heaven forbid, intelligence).   I could go into detail, but it would take up pages and pages….Plus, airing my family’s idiotic behavior to the web would only serve to increase the drama.

2/12 HCG update

I lost another pound yesterday/last night.  I did my measurements as well.  I am down a total of 6 inches (lost in the upper chest, bust, midriff, hips, and thighs, and calves).    Jon has lost nearly 6 pounds.  He pouts about food all the time and complains endlessly.  I find it annoying, but I let it go.  I fear that if he isn’t losing at least a pound a day he will stop doing it.  Even a half-pound a day is more than either of us have lost in a long time.  I am trying to keep my expectations real (any loss each day is a good loss).

I am sick.  I have “the crud” that has been going around. It started with a sore throat, then the sinus congestion, plugged ears, and cough arrived.  I’m not sure what I can take for it.  I know syrups are out of the question.  So far, I have been trying to get by with Sudafed and lemon tea.  If the cough keeps up, I’ll have to take more drastic measures.

Holy crap!

I woke up this morning and was 3.5 pounds lighter!  Unreal.  Granted, I am betting most of it is water weight.  Jon was down 5 pounds!!!!!   I am sure that it will taper off.  I’m interested to see what happens tomorrow morning.  I don’t believe it will be another 3.5 pounds of loss.  According to the literature, it should be about a pound.

For lunch:  3 oz of super-lean (3% fat) ground beef (made into a patty) , some asparagus, an apple, and a melba toast.    For dinner:  ground turkey breast with stewed tomatoes with chili seasonings  and an orange??

Wow, morning 3!

If you read what I ate yesterday, you are probably expecting me to have gained at least a pound, right?  I was.   I gorged the crap out of myself while taking Hcg yesterday.  I had NO GAIN!  In fact, I weighed before getting into the shower and was up 1/10 of a pound.  I weighed after getting out of the shower and I was less than yesterday morning’s weight.  UNREAL.

I am really excited about not having to stuff my face today.  The thought of eating any more fat or grease makes me cringe.   I am just concerned about getting enough water in.


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